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About School

Education Goals

We are an English medium public school which aims at building up the overall personality of its students by gradually moulding them and training them to become able citizens of the country .To build up their comprehensive personalities , due care is taken for their physical ,mental,spiritual and ethical well-being so that they become assets to the society and the nation as a whole .We attempt to provide our students opportunities for self-expression,innovation,a context for experimentation and experience beyond with an understanding of traditional values,the respect for the individual, so that they may face the world in all its contingencies.

House System

The entire school community is divided into four houses.They are Alaknanda,Bhagirithi,Mandakani & Pawani which are the  tributaries of the river Ganga ,Alaknanda,meaning eternal joy ,originates from chamoli District of Uttranchal . Bhagirathi stands for ‘Bhoo Ganga’ and originates  from gangotri ,Mandakini flows in heaven and is commonly known as ‘Swarg Ganga ‘.

Each House has a House Master /Mistress and tutors to guide the students .The House System begins at primary level and is carefully monitored at every stage and the details are recorded at every step.The House Mistress and tutors act as a link in the house system acting as friends,philosophers and guides.Each house will have two students as office bearers . A boy and a girl i.e each house will have a captain and a vice-captain. In addition to this the school will have a Games Captain and an activity Captain .



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Admission Announcement for 2016-17adnissionn-final


C.C.A.S has been a consistently high performing school in CBSE. Admission forms for 2016-17 are available at school reception from: 1st, Feb, 2016. You may submit online request/query also for admission by simply clicking the “Register Now” Button below.



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