Parents Teacher’s Meeting

A close report between the parent body and school plays a vital role for the all round development of students for which the C.C.A.S. Jain Senior Secondary School, Ganaur solicits your benign co-operation. You are advised to maintain contact with the school through P.T.M. You are advised to meet all the subject teachers and make suggestions, remarks/complaints in writing in the “Academic Response Sheet” available with all subject Teachers. Parent’s active participation in all PTMs can play a vital role to groom the multifaceted personalities of their words. The students should accompany their parents in school uniform whenever they came for PTM.



BIND US TOGETHER                                            

 Bind us together, Lord

Bind us together with chords                 

That cannot be broken,

Bind us together,

Bind us together with love

There is only one God,

There is only one king,

There is only one Body,

That is why sing ………………………. Bind us.