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  1. It is compulsory for all students to maintain 75% attendance during the course of the academic session. The percentage could be relaxed on medical grounds, but such students will not be Academic Awards.
  2. “Record for Non-Attendance” during any examination should be signed by parents.
  3. Students who do not take all their cyclic tests and Term Exam will not be allowed to appear in the Annual Examination.
  4. Reported absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than five consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name ‘stuck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of a fresh admission fee.
  5. Students who have been sick for more than five days should bring a medical certificate.


  1. Admission of the students does not entail responsibility on the part of the school management to provide conveyance to the child. Conveyance may be granted and/or withdrawn from the child or area concerned at anytime at the sole discretion of the school management. Students have the options of availling the school transport or not. Those who avail the school transport must return home by school bus unless participating in activities or extra classes. On the days of participation the students must contact the transport manager to avail the late bus/vehicle.
  2. For availing the transport facility request form should be filled up and the student will be picked and dropped in accordance with the destinations mentioned in the form.
  3. Any change of address should be intimated to the transport manager in written. It is imperative for the students to understand the transport rules and adhere to them to enable the smooth running of the transport system and ensure their own safety.
  4. Students should be at all the times maintain decorum in the bus, for their behavior outside reflects on the school, their family and definitely on themselves. Putting their hands out from the window may result in injury. Throwing wrappers, plastic bottles, tetra plates, Polythene etc. would litter the place and make it less livable for the generation next. So it is imperative to save the face of the Earth and make it a better place for everyone to live in. Making faces at passers by etc. makes one look foolish and may reflect on the background. It is important to travel in a proper manner in the bus by always being seated and not extending any part of the body outside the bus window and by getting off the bus only while its stationary. Transport facility shall be withdrawn with immediate effect and no refund shall be made in case of any students found guilty doing in disciplinary act like damaging the school buses, not following traffic rules etc.
  5. In case of joining/withdrawing bus facility in between the session, one month advance written application is required. In case of failure full charge will have to be paid.
  6. Bus facility  once withdrawn shall not be permitted again.