House System

The entire school community is divided into houses. They are Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Meenakshi and Pawani which are the tributaries of the river Ganga. Alaknanda, meaning eternal joy, originates from Chamoli District of Uttranchal. Bhagirathi stands for “Bhoo Ganga” and originates form Gangotri. Mandakini flows in heaven and is commonly known as ‘Swarg Ganga’. It originates from Kedarnath district and joins Alaknanda at ‘Rudra Prayag’. When the Saptarishis which means liberation. Pawani also originates from Chamoli and joins Alaknanda at ‘Vishnu Prayag’. Today people from different parts of the world are singing the glory of the Holy Gangas. Sages of all ages know and believe her to be the giver of eternal life and divine knowledge.

  1. Each House has a House Master/Mistress and tutors to guide the students.
  2. To foster a spirit of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding, tolerance and self-reliance, various inter-House activities are organized to build up team spirit.
  3. Besides this, the students are initiated into community service and social work.
  4. The house system gives opportunities to students to face the challenges of inter-House Competitions as well as competitions organized by various other reputed schools.
  5. The house system begins at primary level and is carefully monitored at every stage and the details are recorded at every step.
  6. The house Mistress and tutors act as a link in the House system acting as friend, philosophers and guides.
  7. Various activities such as-Dramatics, Elocution, Quiz, Group dance, Declamation, Rangoli, Poetic Recitation, Singing etc. are organized not only tap the talent of the children but to widen the horizons of the knowledge of the students in every field.
  8. Each house will have two students as office bearers. A boy and a girl i.e., each house will have a captain and vice-captain.
  9. In addition to this the school will have a games captain and an activity Captain.

10. Out of this main proctorial body, the principal will chose two students to be designated as Head Boy and Head Girl of the school.